DINNER RESERVATIONS: Please make reservations for the Pizza by NOON on Wednesday, April 13 by calling Cindy Knight at (434) 924-7995, or by e-mail to csk3a@virginia.edu.

HOST: Dr. Rebecca Rose Pompano: (434) 982-1285; rpompano@virginia.edu
PROGRAM: Presentation of Awards to Outstanding College and University Chemistry Students
More information, including a map and directions, is on

the Virginia Section website:http://www.acsva.org.

This meeting will feature the annual poster session for undergraduate student research. If you have not registered to present a poster, contact Cindy Knight at (434) 924-7995; csk3a@virginia.edu. The deadline for poster registration is 12:00 pm on April 11.

More information on the poster session can be found at

2022 American Chemical Society Poster Session | Department of Chemistry (virginia.edu)


The Virginia Section will present awards to outstanding senior chemistry majors at the colleges and universities in the Virginia Section.

For more information, see the April Bulletin


Register: https://american-chemical-society.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0rd-mvrTkvH9E6Lij0A0zsFnRXxzq5-Ul4




“Guiding the Future of Chemistry”

On November 13, 2021, the Virginia Section kicked off a new year of mentorship activities. Mentors and mentees met in virtual format, using Zoom, to get the program going. The Mentorship program is operated by the Section’s Younger Chemists Committee (YCC). Dr. Julian Bobb, Chair of the YCC, coordinates the Mentorship Program. The Kick-Off Social was funded by a grant to the Virginia Section from the ACS National Senior Chemists Committee. An informative set of slides on the Mentorship Program and the Kick-Off Social can be found here: Mentorship Program Info Slides

General Description:

  • Serves the need for college students and young professionals to receive guidance on their educational & career paths and to promote necessary skills.
  • Provides a means to increase engagement of students, and early career & senior professionals to become more active within the local section while enhancing their network.
  • Provides a means for mentors and mentees to develop meaningful relationships by sharing each other’s career & educational experiences, and passion & love for chemistry.
  • Mentors and mentees work on setting and achieving mentoring goals.

The program was selected as one out of three finalists for a 2021 Outstanding Local Section Industry Event ACS ChemLuminary Award. Additional details about the program can be found here: http://acsva.org/mentorship-program/

Younger Chemists are always interested in connecting with professionals. Are you interested in serving as a Mentor? Feel free to contact YCC Chair & Mentorship Program Coordinator, Dr. Julian Bobb at bobbja@vcu.edu with inquiries.


2021 ChemLuminary Awards

Outstanding Engagement with K-8 Students

Outstanding National Chemistry Week Event for a Specific Audience

Best Activity or Program in a Local Section Stimulating Membership Involvement Award shared with Eastern New York, Northern New York, Philadelphia, and St. Louis Section Local Sections.

Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Award shared with the Eastern New York, Northern New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Rochester, Nashville, & the North Carolina Local Sectionsand the Graduate Chemistry Society of the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras.


Younger Chemists YouTube Channel

The Eastern U.S. Younger Chemists Committee Partnership of the American Chemical Society which includes the Virginia Section now has a YouTube Channel that features recordings of great events and resources for younger chemists! Check it out! The most recent video is from our “A Day in the Life of a Process Chemist” webinar. Stay tuned for more! Feel free to subscribe also.

Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEJgX28mFQPEGW4eNH6Wvgw