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Updated Volunteer and Participant Code of Conduct Policy

Dear ACS Local Section Officers and Councilors,

As a Local Section leader, I ask you to share this information with Local Section members and volunteers for their awareness. If you have any questions, or receive questions from any members of your group, please send them to
The Volunteer/National Meeting Attendee Conduct Policy was adopted in 2013. In December 2023, the ACS Board of Directors approved an updated version and renamed it the Volunteer and Participant Code of Conduct Policy. It took effect on May 1.

This updated policy unifies multiple policies that govern attendees at the spring and fall meetings, Local Section and Regional meetings, and other events hosted by units of the Society. This single, unified policy outlines ACS’s expectations for all ACS members, volunteers, and participants at ACS-hosted events, in person and virtual, which includes meetings, seminars, symposia, workshops, or other gatherings hosted wholly or in part by ACS or its units.

Things that largely didn’t change: Participants are expected to support ACS’s mission and vision, and the definitions of professionalism, non-discrimination, harassment, and illegal activity.

New items include language on non-disclosure of proprietary, confidential, or personally identifiable information; the recording policy; disclosure of conflicts of interest; background checks for events involving minors; and compliance with anti-trust laws. Also, details about how to report violations, procedures ACS will use to investigate violations, disciplinary action, and non-retaliation policies are included. There will be a separate communication in the coming months about the background checks, described in Section 10, which will be required only for ACS events involving minors. Details of this Youth Protection Policy, when, how, and to whom it applies, as well as how the required checks can be conducted efficiently will be announced soon.

On the updated policy webpage are FAQs, but if you have questions that aren’t addressed, please send an email to

Mark O’Brien

Senior Portfolio Manager, Component Services
Membership Division
American Chemical Society
1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036
T 202-437-2605| 800-227-5558, ext. 8212


Dr. Julian A. Bobb, secretary of the Virginia Section, has reported these results of the
balloting for 2024 officers, councilor, alternate councilor, and trustee positions:
Chair – Joseph M. Crockett
Chair Elect – Ashley Tubbs
Vice Chair – Jorge S. Alvarado
Secretary – Julian A. Bobb
Treasurer – Rob Davidson
Councilor – (three-year term) – Linette Watkins
Alternate Councilor (three-year term) – Joseph CrockettAlternate Councilor – (one-year term) – Ashley Tubbs
Trustee – (three-year term) – James Demas

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