Photos from the Undergraduate Research Poster Session at UVA Friday April 21, 2023

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The Virginia Section held its annual poster session at the April 21 meeting at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The emphasis was on student research, especially work done by undergraduates.


Presentation of ACS Awards to Outstanding Senior Chemistry Majors at Colleges and Universities in the Virginia Section

Outstanding senior chemistry majors from colleges and universities in the Virginia Section were honored at the April 21 Section meeting in Charlottesville. Each school had been asked to select a student to receive the Virginia Section award for undergraduate achievement. The awardees were the guests of the Section at the meeting and received a certificate of recognition, a one-year membership in the ACS, and a special gift from the Virginia Section.

Executive Committee Meeting

We will have an executive board meeting June 10th 2023, on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. The meeting will be an in-person/hybrid meeting in the chemistry department in room Temple 3309.

Agenda: Please send any items that you would like to discuss to Jack Brown

An open letter from Dr. Jack Brown, Chair of the Virginia Section

2022 ChemLuminary Awards

Outstanding Continuing Public Relations or Communications Program of a Local Section Award (Day in the Life of a Chemist Series) shared with the Eastern New York, Northern New York, Rochester, and Philadelphia Local Sections.

Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event Award (Eastern US YCC Symposium and Chemistry Career Expo) shared with the Eastern New York, Northern New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Rochester, Nashville, North Carolina, Indiana, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and the Connecticut Valley Local Sections.

Younger Chemists YouTube Channel

The Eastern U.S. Younger Chemists Committee Partnership of the American Chemical Society which includes the Virginia Section now has a YouTube Channel that features recordings of great events and resources for younger chemists! Check it out! The most recent video is from our “A Day in the Life of a Process Chemist” webinar. Stay tuned for more! Feel free to subscribe also.

Link to Channel:


Indianapolis ACS Meeting Poster