Selected as one out of three Finalists for a 2021 Outstanding Local Section Industry Event ACS ChemLuminary Award 



Sponsored by the Younger Chemists Committee (YCC)

Our Goals:

  • Goal 1: Provides opportunities for students and early career chemists to work directly with senior chemists/engineers in a meaningful mentoring relationship.
  • Goal 2: Expose students and early career chemists to the chemist experience as they make decisions about post baccalaureate, masters, & doctoral studies and career pathways.
  • Goal 3: Provides a valuable link to the professional community.

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Mentor: Dr. Michael G. (Afton Chemical Corporation)

  1. What types of activities/discussions did you participate in with your mentee?

Various:  research wrap-up, dissertation writing, presentations / technical meetings, career search – jobs, personal items – “how are you doing?”

  1. How has the relationship impacted you as a mentor thus far?

It’s been gratifying to see the depth of knowledge of project, intelligent experimental design, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Chanaka so far very much.

  1. What have you gained thus far from mentoring?

More understanding of current-year graduate ABD life, and how I can support this young man with the difficulties of university research community life.

Mentee: Chanaka A. (Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Commonwealth University)

  1. What goals did you set with your mentor? How have you progressed with your goals?

In the beginning, rather than setting up goals, we planned to inform the timeline of my research goals, career goals and then discuss their progress or obstacles in the following up meeting sessions. Dr. Michael listened carefully and provided good feedback. Also, I sought help in polishing up my resume/CV, he provided help in this process too.

  1. What types of activities/discussions did you participate in with your mentor?

We usually meet every 2 weeks on Wednesdays, at a coffee shop. Our discussions are mainly about my research goals, research timeline, the progress of research, issues in the lab, and job search. And further, we do have casual discussions about handling difficult situations in professional settings, personal trips, and adventures. And according to his invitation, I attended an STLE VA section meeting at Afton Chemical.

  1. How has the relationship impacted you as a mentee thus far?

Dr. Michael is a patient listener and always tried to provide good feedback. Though his background is not from organic/biochemical research areas as mine, he listened to my research progress and tried to provide general advice, and encouraging words. I could share my progress and struggle in research with him, it feels better and encouraging to share the experience with someone who is well-experienced and in a higher achieved position in the chemistry field.