Are you new this year to the Virginia Section of ACS?

Being new to Virginia Section of ACS can perhaps be a little intimidating. We want to help alleviate any uneasiness as you are introduced to this unfamiliar environment with warmth and help you get the most out of your experience. Our new “Buddy System” matches up new members with longer-standing members. The longer-standing member will introduce the new member at their first meeting and provide insights on benefits of active membership.

All you need to do is complete the profile form and return it to Denise Walters ( ). You will then be matched with a longer-term member who will contact you. There will also be a reception to meet the executive committee and other new members and their “buddies” prior to the January section meeting.

Are you willing to help welcome new members?

Here’s how. Everyone was new to the Virginia Section of ACS at one time. Do you remember your first meeting? We are looking for members to help welcome new members by partnering with a new member to “show them the ropes”.

Complete the profile form and you will be matched with someone who has joined the Virginia Section of ACS in the past year. You are asked to contact the new member and share your experience with the section. You will also introduce the new member at the first meeting they attend (make arrangements for someone to fill in for you if you are unable to attend). You should also include them in other ACS activities that you participate in. We will have a New Member welcoming reception once a year to bring “Buddies” together and introduce them to each other and the Executive Committee (this will be prior to the January section meeting).