What We Do

The Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) encourages engagement and collaboration across the Local Section and within the community. SCC’s objectives are to improve communication among senior chemists, increase the number of senior chemists’ groups and the level of their engagement within the local section, and encourage the involvement of senior chemists in programs focused on K-12 education, undergraduate networking, and mentoring.


Senior Chemists giving back.


Serving people through Senior Chemists’ knowledge and experience.


  • Goal 1.  Outreach.  Work with other Committees to develop programs targeted to external audiences.
  • Goal 2.  InReach.  Provide quality engagement opportunities and information for Senior Chemists
  • Goal 3.  Partnerships.  Expand the reach of the SCC in the Local Section through collaborations and alliances with other Committees.

Anyone interested in getting more involved should contact either Rob Davidson (robiradav@aol.com) or Joe Pompano (pompano13220@gmail.com) .