Virginia Section Strategic Plan 2016

Update to the Strategic Plan

Virginia ACS Strategy Plan 2013

Mission: Inspiring, educating, developing and connecting Virginia chemists and the community for the benefit of Earth and its people.

Vision: The Virginia Local Section serves the community by advancing chemistry and communicating its impact on people’s lives.

Goals (3-5 Years):

  1. Establish, implement and maintain a technology strategy to ensure membership is engaged and informed of events, opportunities and services.
  2. Cultivate member involvement strategies to increase local section volunteerism, attendance and leadership.
  3. Provide members with opportunities for career and social networking, exchange of knowledge, and professional development, which span the broader chemical fields.
  4. Provide members with opportunities for career and social networking, exchange of knowledge, and professional development, which span the broader chemical fields.
  5. Ensure financial resources are available to fund section activities over the next 50 years (Added 2019)

Strategies Aligned with Goals (6-12 Months)

Goal 1- Strategies 1-3

  1. Implement live stream of a minimum of four monthly meetings each year beginning in 2017. Champion: Kathleen Sink
  2. Form a website taskforce that includes all demographics to conduct a needs assessment obtain quotes for pro web designer/intern, and launch new site . Champion: Ann Sullivan/Brandi Ford
  3. By June 2017, inventory and define how to integrate new forms of communication strategies into the current constructs of the local section wherever possible. Champion: Janet Asper

Goal 2- Strategies 1-3

  1. By May 2017 Executive meeting, Hospitality committee will create an expanded on-boarding process for new members. Champion: Todd Koch
  2. Define 4 to 5 regions within VA Section (1/1/17) to leverage universities in regions to provide high-end technical talks (beginning Fall 2017) through their established seminar program. Champion: Joe Pompano
  3. In 2017, hold two or three monthly meetings/events for members on weeknights other than Friday. Champion: Denise Walters

Goal 3- Strategies 1-3

  1. By end of December 2016, re-evaluate current mentoring strategies, assess needs, and present a proposal to Exec. Meeting. Champion: Kathleen Sink/Colleen Taylor
  2. In 2017, the VA LS will support/leverage at least two ongoing networking, outreach, educational, and development events at local university and business partners across the region. Champion: Heather Lourenco
  3. Re-energize and re-name the Hospitality Committee (combined with G2,S1)with regional representation and hold a social activity in 3 to 5 of the regions. Champion: Todd Koch

Goal 4 Strategies 1-3

  1. By Spring 2018, coordinate activity with Richmond Math/Science Innovation Center, Science Museum and AACT. Champion: Krista Weissbart
  2. By January 2017, identify and support regional coordinators for ACS branded community activities. Champion: Phil Burks/Linette Watkins]
  3. By the May Exec. Meeting, review activities already in place to identify/align current activities with objectives. Champion: Stephanie Mabry

Goal 5 Strategies 1-3

1. Identify options to diversity and grow Revenue Stream and implement/promote 2 initiatives in 2019-2020
2. Explore setting up endowment for Local Section to start implementation in January 2020.
3. Formalize financial controls and accounting policies to ensure section resources are managed appropriately to clearly document resource management Champion: Rob Davidson

On September 10 and 11, 2016, fourteen members of the Local Section, a cross section of executive officers, committee chairs and one student from Virginia State University, participated in a Strategic Planning retreat with two fellow ACS colleagues and volunteers who facilitated the discussion. Over the two-day planning session, they developed a Vision and Mission Statement and four goals for the local section. The group members will be working on the roll out of this strategic plan in the next three months.