Add in whatever text you want. It works pretty much like any word processing app. (Ignore the Edit with Fusion Builder button. As you work on the page, you should Save Draft (Under Publish, upper left). Then you can see the page by clicking Preview. Add photos by clicking Add Media, which gives you the choice of inserting something from the Media Library or uploading something from your computer. Here, I added something from the library, aligned Right. You can also select different sizes you want to insert. You see that the text wraps around the photo. If you Align None, the image will split the text above and below the image.

If you click the upper right icon it will drop down another row of text options.

If yo

u now go to the All Pages link in the left nav bar and click on drafts, there it will be when you want to get back to it.

Below, I added a gallery of photos. It appears on the page as a grid of thumbnails and expands to a lightbox when you click on a thumbnail.

Talk to you tomorrow.