Upcoming Events

Join the Younger Chemists Committee at the Lunch Break Science Seminar being presented by Bon Secours at the Science Museum of Virginia. Come learn about the science behind guitars from this session entitled “Guitar Building: The Tools, Materials and Science of Acoustic Guitar Construction.” Take advantage of this FREE EVENT! To sign up, email vayoungerchemistscommittee@gmail.com about your interest.

Who We Are and What We Do
The Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) of the Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society serves the membership of the section by advocating for and providing resources to early-career chemists and professionals in the chemical sciences and related fields.

Its mission is to address the needs of younger chemists (age 35 and below) in the society by providing social, networking, and educational opportunities.

We are devoted to the professional advancement of younger chemists in industry, government laboratories, undergraduate and graduate schools, and postdoctoral positions.

We also strive to encourage young professionals’ involvement with community engagements activities.

Connect With Us
Email: vayoungerchemistscommittee@gmail.com
Facebook: @ACSVAYCC
Twitter: @ACSVirginiaYCC
LinkedIn: @ACSVirginiaYCC

Officers and Planning Committee


Julian Bobb, Chair
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Chemical & Life Science Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University