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Highlights from the October Meeting

Friday, October 28, 2022
Biotech 8
506 E. Jackson Street
Richmond, Virginia

HOST: Dr. Kai Donsbach
Chief Operating Officer, the Medicines for All Institute


Tours of some of the facilities housed in the Biotech 8 Building were conducted during the “pre-program” time on October 28. Dr. Kai Donsbach, COO of the Medicines for All Institute, coordinated the tours. In addition to the Medicines for All Institute, Building 8 houses facilities for Phlow Corporation, PPD, USP, and TCP GreenChem.

SPEAKER: Dr. Nelu Grinberg

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Techniques
Editor Chromatographic Science Book Series

Co-Editor, Advances in Chromatography
Editor, Supramolecular Chemistry book series

TOPIC: “Optimization of Separation Using Kinetic Analysis and Subambient Temperature Chromatography”
Click here for more information on Dr. Grinberg, directions to the meeting site and the procedure for accessing the Zoom version of the meeting: October 28 Meeting Information


2022 ChemLuminary Awards

Outstanding Continuing Public Relations or Communications Program of a Local Section Award (Day in the Life of a Chemist Series) shared with the Eastern New York, Northern New York, Rochester, and Philadelphia Local Sections.

Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event Award (Eastern US YCC Symposium and Chemistry Career Expo) shared with the Eastern New York, Northern New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Rochester, Nashville, North Carolina, Indiana, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and the Connecticut Valley Local Sections.

Younger Chemists YouTube Channel

The Eastern U.S. Younger Chemists Committee Partnership of the American Chemical Society which includes the Virginia Section now has a YouTube Channel that features recordings of great events and resources for younger chemists! Check it out! The most recent video is from our “A Day in the Life of a Process Chemist” webinar. Stay tuned for more! Feel free to subscribe also.

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