Dr. Christine A. Hughey, JMU Beer Processomics: Mass Spectral Molecular Monitoring of Volatile and Nonvolatile Compounds
in Beer Throughout the Brewing Process
James Madison University, Via Zoom November 13, 2020
Dr. LaTia Scott, Delaware State
Wound Healing: From Eye to Foot Virginia Union University, Via Zoom October 16, 2020
Dr. Teshell K. Ponteen Greene, FHI 360 Igniting and Maintaining the Fire: Maximizing Learning Experiences to Successfully Recruit and Prepare Students to Thrive in the STEM Workforce Virginia State University, Via Zoom September 18, 2020
Mr. Rodney Robinson, Richmond City Public Schools “Living in Your Why” Virginia State University, Via Zoom September 18, 2020
Professor B. Frank Gupton, Virginia  Commonwealth University Pharmaceutical Processing in the 21st Century: Seeing What Others Have Seen and Thinking What No One Has Thought University of Richmond February 28, 2020
Dr. B. Jill Venton, University of Virginia. Analytical Neurochemistry: New Techniques Uncover Rapid Neurochemical Signaling ENTHALPY LABORATORIES January 24, 2020
Dr. Robert I. Davidson, Afton Chemical “My ACS Journey” ENTHALPY LABORATORIES January 24, 2020


Dr. Kathryn Deibler, GSK Consumer Healthcare Flavor Chemistry: Linking the Stimuli with the Perception William & Mary November 15, 2019
Dr. Peter K. Dorhout, Kansas State University Creating a Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratories University of Mary Washington October 3, 2019
Dr. Aron Lichtman, Virginia Commonwealth University The Endogenous Cannabinoid System: Modulation of Drug Addiction Virginia Commonwealth University September 13, 2019
Dr. David Hudson, University of Virginia Research Integrity Is Not Simply a Course You Take as a Graduate Student! University of Virginia April 12, 2019
Dr. Charles Sharpless, Univ. of Mary Washington Sun Meets Oil: Photochemistry’s Role in the Deepwater Horizon Spill Afton Chemical Corporation March 21, 2019
Dr. Denise Walters, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Energize Your Career Through Your Local ACS Section Afton Chemical Corporation March 21, 2019
Professor Chad A. Mirkin, Northwestern University Rational Vaccinology: In Pursuit of the Perfect Vaccine University of Richmond February 22, 2019
Dr. Eric Herbst, University of Virginia Chemistry Among the Stars SCIENCE MUSEUM OF VIRGINIA Jan 25, 2019



Shana Cyr Finnegan Law Firm Championing Your Ideas in the Chemical Arts University of Virginia Apr. 13, 2018
John Thoburn Randolph-Macon College Chemical Jeopardy! Randolph-Macon College Mar. 9, 2018
John Goodenough University of Texas at Austin The Road to a Sustainable Energy Economy University of Richmond Feb. 23, 2018
Maryanne Collinson Virginia Commonwealth University Nanoporous Materials for Electrochemical Analysis in Complex Biological Solutions Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Jan. 19, 2018
Kenneth Chapman Cardinal Workforce Development In Secondary Education, Evolution Is Losing; Revolution Is Required Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Jan. 19, 2018





Rebecca Pompano  University of Virginia Making the Immune System Accessible with New Chemical and Microfluidic Tools University of Mary Washington Nov. 15, 2017
Laura Serbulea  University of Virginia Using Chemistry Class Advantage and Online Learning Systems in Organic Chemistry Classes Mary Baldwin University Oct. 20, 2017
Kelling Donald  University of Richmond Hard Act: Structure Predictions for Extended Solids from Their Basic Chemical Units Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 15, 2017
Joseph Chipuk Signature Science, LLC Threat Chemistry–What’s That? University of Virginia Apr. 14, 2017
Willie McKinney Altria Client Services A Journey: Idea to Market Authorization Altria Center for Research and Technology Mar. 16, 2017
Robert Grubbs California Institute of Technology Design and Applications of Olefin Metathesis Catalysts University of Richmond Feb. 17, 2017
Thomas DeVore James Madison University Chasing Sunbeams Virginia Union University Jan. 20, 2017
Scott Gronert Virginia Commonwealth University Ion Trap Reactors to the Rescue: A Tool to Solve Problems in Organic and Organomerallic Chemistry Virginia Union University Jan. 20, 2017




Jeffrey Seeman University of Richmond Responsible Conduct of Research: Lessons from History & the Human Side of Science University of Mary Washington Nov. 4, 2016
Kristine Wustholz College of William and Mary Investigating Fugitive Organic Pigments in Art: Impact of Structure on Photochemistry Bridgewater College Oct. 14, 2016
Justin Heuser Evonik Industries Surfactants in Agriculture Evonik Industries Sep. 16, 2016
Barbara Jill Venton University of Virginia Using Analytical Tools to Explore Brain Chemistry University of Virginia Apr. 15, 2016
Nicholas Farrell Virginia Commonwealth University Platinum: From Inert Electrode to Anti-Cancer Drugs Virginia State University Mar. 18, 2016
Larry White Bridgewater College The Virginia Section: A Personal View Virginia State University Mar. 18, 2016
Dennis Liotta Emory University Drug Discovery in Academia University of Richmond Feb. 19, 2016




Bryan Tienes Naval Surface Warfare Center

Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Defense at the Naval Surface Warfare

Center Daghlgren Division (NSWCDD)

University of Mary Washington Nov. 13, 2015
Diane Schmidt American Chemical Society Looking Back, and Looking Forward DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Oct. 24, 2015
Kate Yu Waters Corporation Detecting the Unnatural in Natural Products–Adulteration of Herbal and Dietary Supplements (HDS) Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 18, 2015
Nelson Ayala CB Fleet Pharmaceutical The Health Benefits of Chocolate University of Virginia Apr. 17, 2015
Douglas Friedman National Research Council, NAS Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research Randolph-Macon College Mar. 13, 2015
Joseph DeSimone University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Breakthroughs in Imprint Lithography and 3D Additive Fabrication University of Richmond Feb. 20, 2015
David Giamalva Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Some “New” Challenges in Cough/Cold Products Containing Phenylephrine Virginia Union University Jan. 16, 2015
Joseph Crockett Brdgewater College Laboratory Safety:  Past, Present, and Future Virginia Union University Jan. 16, 2015



Dr. Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University The Coming Epidemic of Neurodegenerative Diseases
and What Science Is – and Should Be – Doing About It
University of Mary Washington November 4, 2014
Dr. Daniel M. Downey, James Madison University Water Chemistry of North Branch Simpson Creek
and the Rich Hole Wilderness Fire”
James Madison University October 24, 2014
Dr. Tracy P. Hamilton, University of Alabama, Birmingham Zymurgy: The Art and Science of Brewing Beer Virginia Commonwealth University September 19, 2014
Dr. David Hudson, University of Virginia Ethics in Research–Good Citizenship Rules Apply University of Virginia April 11, 2014
Dr. Jeffrey I. Seeman, University of Richmond Humor and Humanness of Great Chemists
of the 20th Century
Virginia State University March 14, 2014
Dr. Barbara Imperiali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Tools for the Study of Complex Biological Systems University of Richmond February 21, 2014
Dr. Joseph M. Pompano, Arista Laboratories Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines Arista Laboratories January 17, 2014
Dr. Kent Koller, Altria Client Services Industrial Analytical Chemistry as Practiced in Altria Client Services Arista Laboratories January 17, 2014




Janet AsperUniversity of Mary Washington From Diapers to the Deepwater Horizon. Structure, Applications, and Synthesis of Superabsorbent Polymers University of Mary Washington Nov. 8, 2013
Christopher EhrhardtVirginia Commonwealth University Biosurveillance and Chemical Analysis of Bacterial Threat Agents: Distinguishing Natural from Man-made Pathogens Longwood University Oct. 18, 2013
Sam Kean The Disappearing Spoon: True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 20, 2013
Clifton DraperDMTS Bell Labs I Have Never Let My Schooling Interfere with My Education University of Virginia Apr. 19, 2013
Emily CarterPrinceton University The Role of Science in Moving the Planet to Green Energy and a Sustainable Future University of Richmond Mar. 1, 2013
Brent GunnoeUniversity of Virginia Development of a Domestic Energy Base: Chemistry in the Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalization Virginia State University Feb. 8, 2013
Scott GronertVirginia Commonwealth University Aldehydes in Your Proteins: The Tree Rings of Human Aging? Randolph-Macon College Jan. 18, 2013




Lynn HogueTerrific Science The Joy of Toys: Finding Chemistry in Unexpected Places John Tyler Community College Dec. 7, 2012
Charles SharplessUniversity of Mary Washington Dirt du Soleil: The Photochemical Circus of Organic Matter and Its Environmental Consequences University of Mary Washington Nov. 9, 2012
Sally PetersPARC Death By Chocolate Bridgewater College Oct. 19, 2012
Howard Peters Death By Chocolate Bridgewater College Oct. 19, 2012
Stephanie MabryAfton Chemical Corporation ACS Involvement as a Professional Development Tool–One Chemist’s Perspective Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 21, 2012
Anne HenriksenJames Madison University Is There Any Chemistry Between You and the Business World? University of Virginia Apr. 20, 2012
Robert GriffinMassachusetts Institute of Technology High Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization–Why Two Electrons Are Better Than One University of Richmond Mar. 16, 2012
Kelli SluntUniversity of Mary Washington USNCO and Beyond Virginia State University Feb. 17, 2012
William CarrollOccidental Chemical Corporation Where Everything Comes From: Industrial Chemistry 101 Randolph-Macon College Jan. 13, 2012


2011 Meetings


Randy BellUniversity of Virginia Theories, Laws, and Other Dangerous Ideas Virginia Union University Dec. 2, 2011
M. Samy El-ShallVirginia Commonwealth University Chemistry Makes Strong International Bonds Science Museum of Virginia Oct. 27, 2011
Jack BrownVirginia Commonwealth University Use of Design of Experiments to Solve Complex Chemical Problems Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 16, 2011
Fred HawkridgeVirginia Commonwealth University Virginia Is a Great Place for a Career in Chemistry Virginia Commonwealth University Sep. 16, 2011
William MattsonRandolph College Creative Problem Solving in Research University of Virginia Apr. 8, 2011
Harry GrayCalifornia Institute of Technology The Solar Army University of Richmond Mar. 18, 2011
Brian MooresRandolph-Macon College What’s Cookin’? Chemistry in the Kitchen Randolph-Macon College Feb. 25, 2011
Herbert SipeHampden-Sydney College Toxic Chemicals and Society John Tyler Community College Jan. 21, 2011


2010 Meetings


Speaker, Affiliation Topic Meeting Location Meeting Date
Gerd Kobal, Altria Client Services What Can We Learn from Sensomics? J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond Dec. 10, 2010
Elsa Reichmanis, Georgia Tech Advanced Polymeric Materials for Electronic Applications University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg Nov. 12, 2010
Lisa Balbes, Balbes Consultants Career Management in the Information Age: New Ways to Find Jobs Longwood University, Farmville Oct. 15, 2010
Tze-Chi Jao, Afton Chemical Corporation Importance of Fundamental Research for Fuel and Lubricant Technology Development Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Richmond Sep. 24, 2010
Kristine Smetana, John Tyler Community College Community College Involvement in the ACS–NCW and CCED Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Richmond Sep. 24, 2010
Charles Grisham, University of Virginia Bizarre Biochemistry University of Virginia, Charlottesville Apr. 23, 2010
Daniel Rabinovich, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Chemical Philately and Education James Madison University, Harrisonburg Mar. 26, 2010
Kenneth Pearce, GlaxoSmithKline Chemical-Biological Interfaces in Endocrinology: Nuclear Receptors, Modulating Ligands, and Drug Discovery University of Richmond, Richmond Feb. 26, 2010
Foster Agblevor, Virginia Tech Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals:  Advances in Pyrolysis Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond Jan. 22, 2010