Past AGFD Chairs Michael Appell, Agnes Rimando, Bhimu Patil, and Michael Tunick at the ChemLuminary celebration.

At the ChemLuminary Award ceremony at the Fall ACS Meeting in Washington, DC, AGFD won a Global Engagement Award for Technical Divisions.  It was sponsored by the International Activities Committee.  The citation: by organizing the first “International Student Chapter Symposium”, the Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry demonstrated the positive impact of bringing international students together to share their research and network at National Meetings.

 AGFD awards in 2017:

Award for the Advancement of Application of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: Ron Wrolstad

AGFD Fellow Awards: Andrea Buettner, Erlangen Univ., Hang Xiao, Univ. of Massachusetts

Roy Teranishi Graduate Fellowship in Food Chemistry: Tianxi Yang, Univ. of Massachusetts

AGFD Young Scientist Award: Michael Granvogl, Technical Univ. of Munich

Withycombe–Charalambous Award for Excellence in Graduate Research in Agricultural or Food Chemistry: Jingjing Guo, Rutgers Univ.

AGFD Undergraduate Award: Marti Hua, Univ. of British Columbia

Award for Distinguished Service to the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: Russell Rouseff

ACS Fellows: Stephen Duke, Alyson Mitchell

Kenneth A. Spencer Award (administered by Kansas City Section): J. Bruce German, Univ. of California, Davis

Sterling B. Hendricks Award (administered by Agricultural Research Service, USDA): John A. Pickett, Rothamsted Research