The First International Flavor and Fragrance Conference was successfully held in Cartagena, Colombia May 10-12. Before the conference, Drs. Coralia Osorio, Michael Qian, Bob McGorrin and Alvaro Orjuela lectured a two-day workshop on flavor chemistry, flavor analysis, flavor interaction and essential oil to 30 participants.

More than 50 abstracts were submitted to the conference, and about 100 researchers attended the meeting. Featured speakers including Terry Acree from Cornell University on sensation, Gary Beauchamp from Monell Chemical Senses Center on flavor pleasure, Charles Spence from Oxford University on Neuroscience, Mary Ann Drake from North Carolina State University on sensory analysis, Fereidoon Shahidi on lipid off-flavor, and Gary Reineccius from University of Minnesota on flavor encapsulation.  The organizing committee (Michael Qian, Gary Reineccius, Fereidoon Shahidi, Coralia Osorio) is planning the 2nd International Flavor and Fragrance Conference in 2019 in Chile.

Asia-Pacific International Chapters Conference
The inaugural Asia-Pacific International Chapters Conference will be held Nov. 5-8 I Jeju, Korea.  Abstracts submission is now open.  For more information or to register please go to
AGFD, one of the sponsors of this conference, has provided funds to partially support the travel of two graduate students majoring in agricultural and food chemistry to present at this meeting.  Contact Agnes Rimando ( for travel support application. Cash award will also be given to a graduate student presenting work in agricultural and food chemistry who will be selected for the best presentation in the poster/oral competition.