April 2024 Meeting Photos – UVA


Dr. Julian A. Bobb, secretary of the Virginia Section, has reported these results of the
balloting for 2024 officers, councilor, alternate councilor, and trustee positions:
Chair – Joseph M. Crockett
Chair Elect – Ashley Tubbs
Vice Chair – Jorge S. Alvarado
Secretary – Julian A. Bobb
Treasurer – Rob Davidson
Councilor – (three-year term) – Linette Watkins
Alternate Councilor (three-year term) – Joseph CrockettAlternate Councilor – (one-year term) – Ashley Tubbs
Trustee – (three-year term) – James Demas

2023 ChemLuminary Awards

Most Creative and Innovative Use of the CCEW Theme

Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

Indianapolis ACS Meeting Poster