Get on the Mailing List…

Are you new to the area? Do you want to reactivate your membership? Are you just interested in coming to the Virginia Section meetings? For subscription to The Bulletin or change of address, send your request to 

Dr. James D. Beck
1977 Vesonder Road
Petersburg, VA 23805
(804) 733-5286

Do you want to be on an Electronic Mailing List??

We regularly send out email reminders of upcoming events. We would like to set up an electronic mailing list of all Virginia Section members and use this list to help us keep in better contact with you. This will not replace our printed newsletter or website, but will supplement it and allow us to get information out to you in a more timely manner. It will also allow us to more easily get your input on issues affecting our section. (We will not sell or otherwise distribute names from this list to any other parties.) If you wish to be part of this list and have not yet been contacted via email regarding this list, please send an email message to James D. Beck with your name and email address.

Become an Affiliate Member…

Did you know that there is an affiliate membership opportunity in the ACS? Technicians, high school chemistry teachers, and others who deal with chemistry in some way, but do not wish to become regular members of the ACS can become an affiliate member.  We provide free of charge a copy of The Bulletin to any high school chemistry teacher who requests this service. To get more information, contact James D. Beck